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Nike Air Max

 One of the most revolutionary shoes of the modern age is the Nike Air shoe. The Air Max has revolutionised modern culture in a way that would have seemed impossible for the humble shoe, just a few decades ago.  The Nike branded shoe became almost compulsory uniform for Hip Hop and Gabber subcultures, and received celebrity endorsements that sent the brand into the urban legend that it is today. Yes, today we might consider Air Max technology as a 'given' for youth shoe culture, however, this might not have been the case without Nike's ingenuity. The Models From Early To Present When it comes to Nike Air, it is hard to believe that they originated way back in 1987 with the original model being the 'Air Max 1' which was created for running, as are many of the reasons for their existence today. So, here are a few of the models that have graced our feet since 1987, and live forever in modern culture: Air Max 1 - 1987 (leather version released in 1988) Air Max Light -