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 These days, buying shoes is becoming task that is going more and more towards online purchases.

There is a reason, though, why in Sydney Australia, this trend will not become absolute..ie will not become the only way to buy the kind of shoes that you are looking for.

Sydney is different to Europe or North America

Sydney Australia

It is true that online shopping, even for shoes, is getting an ever stronger foothold in the cooler temperate climates of Europe and North America. However, even though cooler climates such as Melbourne, and Hobart, in Australia, are somewhat akin to the methods of the norther hemisphere, Sydney is different.

The warm temperate climate of Sydney is more conducive to outdoor activity. As a Sydney window cleaner, I see people shopping on what are considered to be the coldest days of winter in Sydney. The reason for this is that the coldest days here are not really cold at all.

The coldest day that I remember in Sydney was still only 11 Celsius. That is a mild winters day in a cool temperate climate. The most you would need to do your shopping is a reasonable jacket.

As such, there is little to deter the outdoor shopper in Sydney. This is especially significant when it comes to buying shoes. 

Anyone who has ever tried to find, say, a size 10 shoe, will know that even though the sizes are supposed to be standardised, they very rarely are. One size 10 shoe will pinch your toes, whilst another will allow enough room for you to grow! Therefore, the only safe way to find the size of shoe that you like is to try it on.

Of course, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather will often prevent you from doing just that. So, when the pair of shoes that you have wears out, you need to get another pair...and get them fast! That is a strong reason why online shoe sales will always be stronger in the colder climates than in somewhere like Sydney Australia.

Here, you can go just about anytime you like, find the right size, at the right price, and Hey Presto! Shoe problem solved!!

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The Variety in Sydney is strong

One of my favourite brands of shoes are Doc Martens. Gone are the days when the 'Docs' would simply be a pair of army boots that were indestructible. Now, 'Docs' include sneakers, casual wear, and office shoes. They still last many, many years, however they are not quite as enduring since manufacturing was moved away from the UK.

Sydney is a place where you can find, and buy, great Doc Martens. And, it doesn't just stop with the 'Docs'. Hush Puppies, Nike, Timberland, and many more are well represented in the Harbour City.

The chances are that whatever type of shoe you need, Sydney will have it. So, this makes Sydney a fantastic place for shoe shopping. Typically, a great pair of sneakers will cost between $200-$300, which is about 120-160 pounds (for UK folk), so the prices here are good too!

Make Sydney Your Shoe Shopping Destination

With all of these reasons in mind, you should try Sydney for your next shoe shopping trip. You won't be disappointed with the range, variety, or price.

Don't just take my word for it. Check the numbers of tourists that come from Asia here every year for testimony that Sydney is a great place for many things..including finding the perfect pair of shoes!!